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waco tx mortgage loan officersMcCulloch Mortgage Team is Waco, Texas’ premiere home loan advisors. Because we serve all of Texas, we can help home buyers and existing homeowners anywhere in the state. We have access to over 75 different home loan options to suit the needs of 97% of home shoppers.

Whether this is your very first time buying a house or you are a seasoned investor, we have options. Becoming a homeowner in Texas is special since we are a homestead state. Texas, like Florida, allows 100% homestead exemption allowing homeowners to protect 100% of the home’s value. Because of this, owning in Texas is very favorable over renting.

In addition, some of our Texas home loan options include VA loans for military veterans and active duty. This allows military members to buy a home with no down payment. We also offer FHA mortgage which is a government program that only requires 3.5% down compared to conventional being 5-20%. Some mortgage clients prefer using a 203K loan which is a renovation loan covering the cost of repairs. That way you don’t have to pay out of pocket. We also have DSCR loans which stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio. It’s a way for investors to qualify using the monthly rent to cover the mortgage payment.

In addition to purchase loans, we also offer various refinance mortgage options in Texas. You may be able to reduce your monthly payment or pay off your mortgage faster. You could also use your home equity to pay off high interest debt or to pay for large expenses like college tuition.

Finally, McCulloch Mortgage Team is standing by to assist you with any Texas home loan questions. You can start an online application if you are ready to go. Or, contact us for a 5 minute phone chat to see what your next steps are.

Homeownership is within reach and our Waco TX Loan Officers are ready to lock arms with you and make it happen.

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